Sunday, June 23, 2024
77.3 F
Sunday, June 23, 2024
77.3 F

New Sewickley Township Supervisors Regular Meeting 12-3-2019

*Approximately thirty residents attended this meeting, including PA State Representative Jim Marshall.

Payment of Bills [01:00]

Public Comment [02:15]

– None

Administration [03:15]

Resolution 09-19 (2020 Budget) [04:05]

– Vice Chairman Duane Rape sole no vote.

Resolution 10-19 (Tax Millage) [07:45]

– Tax rate was set at 11.5 mills, which is a zero mill increase from the previous year.

Resolution 11-19, 12-19 and 13-19 (Grants) [09:50]

Second Amendment Sanctuary [12:40]

– Discussion was held about whether the supervisors should vote to declare New Sewickley Township a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” A motion was made and passed to have the township solicitor alter an already existing resolution from another jurisdiction so that it will apply to the township. The board advised the public that it had received a letter from the District Attorney of Beaver County suggesting the resolution.

Public Safety [20:20]

– Police Chief suggested the department adopt a health and fitness program. This program allows officers to partake in a four-course class that would test them on their physical fitness. If they pass all four classes, they will receive eight hours of compensated time. This is in hopes that it will help to motivate township officers to stay in shape throughout their careers.

Police Report [22:25]

Fire Report [23:05]

Road Report [25:05]

Engineer Report [29:45]

Solicitor Report [30:30]

– Update on police pension program.

Planning/Zoning/Sanitation/Recreation Committees [31:55]

Board Comments [37:10]

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Matthew LaComb
Matthew LaComb
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