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Aliquippa Police Chief In Intensive Care – Family Asks For The Community’s Prayers

Editor’s Note: On April 11, 2020, Chief Robert Sealock succumb to his illness.

Aliquippa Acting Police Chief Robert Sealock is in an intensive care unit tonight, after suffering a medical emergency while on duty yesterday afternoon.

Aliquippa City Councilman Matthew Mottes has been a lifelong friend of Sealock, and told BeaverCountian.com he spoke with the family a short time ago.

“Chief Robert Sealock and Officer John Lane were both on-duty riding together yesterday afternoon in a cruiser, when a call came in that other officers were chasing a suspect who had a warrant,” Mottes said.

“Officer Lane and Chief Sealock returned to the station, where the chief started having a severe asthma attack. When he got out of the car at the police station parking lot, he was unable to catch his breath. His emergency inhaler was ineffective and he collapsed to the ground. Lane radioed for first responders, who transported the chief to Heritage Valley Beaver.”

At the time of the transport yesterday, around 6 p.m., witnesses began contacting BeaverCountian.com describing a long line of police vehicles racing to the hospital. Law enforcement sources say officers from departments between Aliquippa to Brighton Township, as well as state police, responded to a call over the radio of an officer down. Police began blockading roads to expedite an ambulance carrying Sealock to the hospital. Officers then fell in line behind the chief, following him in to Heritage Valley.

Sealock has a history of heart problems.

“It was originally thought he had suffered a heart attack, but it turned out not to be the case. It was solely a severe asthma attack,” said Mottes. “There were also no shots fired at any time as had been rumored on social media.”

Sealock remains in intensive care.

Mottes said the family is in need of support from the community.

“I am praying for Chief Sealock, and his family is asking for our community to pray for him too.”

BeaverCountian.com published an in-depth profile of Sealock in August 2018, detailing his personal health struggles and his difficulties managing the Aliquippa Police Department after taking command following a string of controversies.

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