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Ambridge Family Who Warned Of COVID-19 Has Lost Their Father To The Disease

An Ambridge family who spoke out to warn about the seriousness of the novel coronavirus has lost their father to the disease.

Paul Bohn, 78, of Ambridge, lost his life on Friday to COVID-19. He had been transported to West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh after suffering respiratory distress on March 31.

Bohn’s daughter, Kristie Park, spoke to on April 5, begging her community to take the virus seriously.

“I read how some people are eager to get back to work, and I know they need paychecks to survive. I understand that. But at the same time, I don’t think people take things like this seriously until it hits their doorstep,” Kristie said at the time.

Paul ran a funeral home in town and was widely known throughout his community as a caring man. He was one of three members of the family to contract COVID-19. His wife Linda, and son Vinnie, had also contracted the virus.

Kristie told today that Linda and Vinnie are in good health.

“This has been the hardest 18 days of our lives,” she said.

Kristie first announced the death of her father in a public post to Facebook shortly before 4 p.m. Friday:

Today we had to make one of the most difficult decision in our lives to let our hero pass peacefully and comfortably after a long 18 day battle against this damn virus. Thank you for all of your support, your prayers and your love during this nightmare. My dad is one in a million and as most of you know he is the kindest, most loving man to touch all of our lives. Please keep our family in your prayers during this dark time. Thank you to the amazing healthcare workers at West Penn Hospital and an extra big hug and thank you to Jennifer for holding his hand, giving him love, letting us talk to him on speakerphone and letting us say goodbye to him on Zoom. Although we couldn’t be there we appreciate you being there with him for us. You truly are an angel on Earth, Jennifer!

To my dad,

This isn’t goodbye its see ya later! I love you

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