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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Beaver County Courthouse Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

A public employee at the Beaver County Courthouse has tested positive for COVID-19.

A Facebook page for county union employees announced that the individual, who works in the Assessment Office, has the coronavirus.

“We are asking members to contact your Commissioners and ask them what their plan is to deal with the situation,” read the message to the “Beaver County Workers Unite” page.

Commissioner Jack Manning told that the board was notified today of the positive test result.

“There was a group of about ten of us who spent most of today working on this,” said Manning. “We’re going through the protocols and dealing with the situation in an appropriate manner.”

Manning said the county contacted state public health officials for guidance on how to proceed.

“We called the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), they’ve given us instructions and we’re following their protocols.”

A source in county government, who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name, told that the employee in question came in to work sick.

“This person called off work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,” said the source. “The person came into work on Thursday, but only worked a few hours before going home ill. They got tested and found out today they were positive for COVID-19. All employees have been informed repeatedly that you do not, do not, do not come to work when feeling ill.”

Commissioner Dan Camp said that based on DOH guidance, he does not believe other county workers are at significant risk.

“The Department of Health is telling us we need to be concerned for individuals who spent 15 minutes or more within 6 feet of the employee,” said Camp. “Our HR Department is working with the DOH to see who may need to be quarantined. There are cameras inside of that office that are being reviewed.”

Manning said the DOH has begun contact tracing to determine which individuals, both inside and outside of the courthouse, may have come in contact with the infected employee.

“All of the elected officials and department heads have been informed, along with all of the people in that office,” Manning said. “We’ve also spoken with the union which has notified all of the union stewards.”

Camp expressed frustration about the situation.

“We advised our employees multiple times that if they feel sick do not come to work,” he said. “That’s what anyone should be doing.”

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