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Exclusive: A History Of Controversies With Brighton Rehab & Wellness Center

Long before Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center came under federal indictment, and before a novel coronavirus became a global pandemic, the senior care facility had already been a subject of contention and controversy in the county.

It hosted a big-money fundraiser for Governor Tom Wolf. It gave contracts to the children of the county treasurer as she unilaterally withdrew funds for it from county accounts. It hired the county’s solicitor to work simultaneously as its own attorney. It was the topic of a state police investigation before the county district attorney “fired them” from the case. It was the subject of litigation brought by county commissioners who then abandoned the lawsuit before a single motion had been put before a judge. published well over 100 articles about the facility, its New York owners, and a tumultuous 2013 corporate acquisition of what was once the publicly-owned Friendship Ridge nursing home.

For historical context, here is just some of that archived coverage.

The Indictments

Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center Federally Indicted

First Indictment Announced In “Brighton Nursing Home Investigation”

The Coronavirus Pandemic

County commissioners hold a press conference about Brighton Rehab / photo by John Paul

Brighton Rehab Is “Out Of Control” Claims Nursing Assistant Who Tested Positive For COVID-19

Brighton Rehab Using Experimental Treatment On Patients Who Don’t Have COVID-19

County Commissioners Complain Of Confusion And Coroner Can’t Count Coronavirus Cases

Dept. Of Heath Says Brighton Rehab Used Experimental Meds Without Approval – AG’s Office Investigating

Department of Health Places Temporary Manager at Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

Chairman Camp: Commissioners Have No Oversight Over Brighton Rehab’s Operations

Commissioner Manning Expresses Concern And Frustration With Brighton Rehab

Brighton Rehab Stops “Counting Test Results” Now “Presuming All Staff And Residents May Be Positive”

Doctor Tells He Got Teary-Eyed Over Surviving COVID-19 Patients

Controversies With Solicitor Joe Askar

Attorney Joseph Askar / file photo by Matthew LaComb

Investigative Report: Former Chief County Solicitor Represented New Friendship Ridge Owners While Still Employed By The County

Former County Solicitor Joe Askar Hosting Big Money Campaign Fundraiser For Gov Wolf At “Friendship Ridge” Facility

Commissioner Egley Seeks Investigation Into Former County Solicitor Joe Askar By Supreme Court Disciplinary Board

Commissioner Egley’s Complaint Against Former County Solicitor Askar Dismissed By Disciplinary Board

Former County Solicitor & “Friendship Ridge” Attorney Praises Commissioner Camp In Post To Egley’s Social Media Page

Controversies With Treasurer Connie Javens And Financial Admin Vince LaValle

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens / file photo by John Paul
County Chief of Staff Vince LaValle (left) with Commissioner Tony Amadio (right) / photo by John Paul

Treasurer Connie Javens Refused To Cooperate With Audit Into Friendship Ridge Sale

Treasurer’s Daughter Lands Lucrative Friendship Ridge Contract

New Friendship Ridge Owners Appealing Facility’s Property Tax Assessment

Financial Administrator: County Officials Paid $300,000 Bonus To New Friendship Ridge Owners Without Justification

Bank Slips Show $3.4 Million Unilaterally Withdrawn By Financial Administrator LaValle & Treasurer Javens

In-Depth: Officials Say New Friendship Ridge Owners Had “Money Problems” – County “Loaned” Them At Least $1.2 Million As Sale Was Being Completed

Former Financial Administrator’s Email “Explains” $1.2 Million “Loan” To Friendship Ridge

Audit Of Friendship Ridge Finished – Confirms Controller Rossi’s Findings That Company Owes County More Than $1.3 Million

VICTORY! Judge Blocks Treasurer Connie Javens’ Attempt To Unmask Anonymous Beaver Countian Commenters

Controversies With District Attorney David Lozier

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier heading to an active scene / submitted photo

District Attorney Lozier: State Police Conducted An “Unauthorized Investigation” Into County Corruption

The Beaver Countian Obtains County Detective’s Notes From Investigation Into Treasurer Connie Javens

County Resident Sends Investigators A 180-Page Dossier On Sale Of Friendship Ridge

Commissioners Amadio, Egley, and Camp / photo by John Paul

Controversies With County Commissioners

Big Questions After Large Bonuses Handed Out By County Commissioners

Sources: Prior Board Of Commissioners Stopped Investigation Into Friendship Ridge By Outside Law Firm Until After Last Year’s Elections

Commissioners Send Letter To Owners Of Friendship Ridge About The $1.2 Million They Say Is Still Owed To The County

Beaver County Commissioners Decide To File Lawsuit Over Payment For Friendship Ridge

Camp Flips – County Will Release Another $300,000 To New Friendship Ridge Owners And Surrender Lawsuit

In-Depth: Beaver County Hid Massive Deficits – Wrote Millions In “Bad Checks” At The End Of Last Year

On The County’s Sale Of Friendship Ridge

Promotional image © Friendship Ridge

County’s Friendship Ridge Nursing Home On Life Support

Commissioners Divided On Friendship Ridge As Workers Protest Privatization

Commissioners To Meet With Broker – Officials Say Sale Of Friendship Ridge Likely

County Commissioners Issue RFP Seeking Bids For The Sale Of Friendship Ridge

Exclusive Report: The Men And Money Behind The Sale Of Friendship Ridge

Audio: The Commissioners’ Press Conference On The Sale Of Friendship Ridge

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