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Manhunt! Arrest Warrant Issued In The 2016 Murder Of Aliquippa Man

Beaver County detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in locating an individual charged this week with the 2016 slaying of an Aliquippa man.

District Attorney David Lozier announced today that Brandon Eugene Revis, age 36, has been charged with the June 2016 shooting death of Sjavante Gilliam.

“We wish to thank the Beaver County Detective Bureau, the Aliquippa Police Department, and the citizens of Aliquippa for their support and cooperation in this investigation,” Lozier said in a statement sent to reporters.

“Our prayers and sympathies go out to the family of Sjavante Gilliam over their tragic loss. They have stood by our investigators for the past 6 years and we thank them for their patience and continued support in the months ahead as we seek to convict Mr. Revis for this heinous crime.”

Individuals with information on Revis’ whereabouts are being asked to call the Aliquippa Police at 724-375-6682 or the Beaver County 911 Center by dialing 911 or 724-775-0880.

Beaver County Detective Roger Young filed the following affidavit of probable cause in filing charges of criminal homicide, prohibited person possessing a firearm, and theft, against Brandon Eugene Revis

On 06/01/2016 at 0544hrs Officers of the Aliquippa Police Department were dispatched to the area of 2117 McMinn Street in the City of Aliquippa for a black male laying on the sidewalk. On scene officer found deceased subject identified as 28-year-old, Sjavante Gilliam, laying supine with wounds in the vicinity the back of his lower neck and his face. A single .40 caliber shell casing and a cell phone were found in the vicinity of the deceased. The scene was processed and the deceased transported from the scene.

On 06/01/2016 at 0825hrs the investigative team made notification and conducted an interview with the girlfriend of the deceased Kayla Stevenson at her home. Stevenson stated that Gilliam had been getting his hair cut at the residence of Dwight Hines in Aliquippa and had left the residence with Robert Robertson and Brandon Revis. Stevenson states that she contacted Gilliam by cell phone between 0000-0030hrs on 06/01/2016 and spoke with Gilliam. She states that Gilliam advised her that Brandon Revis was driving his vehicle, namely a 2016 Ford Taurus bearing Pennsylvania Registration KBG8805, rented from Avis Rent A Car and that they were just dropping off Robertson at the Main Street Bar located in the City of Aliquippa, which she heard Gilliam saying goodbye to Robertson and Robertson getting out of the vehicle. He further stated that Revis and he were going to the casino in Pittsburgh. She stated that she advised Gilliam to come home. Stevenson also identified Gilliam’s phone number as (redacted by

On 06/01/2016 at 0845hrs a phone interview was conducted with Brandon Revis, who indicated that he was with the deceased until 0030hrs on 06/01/2016, however he was dropped off by Gilliam at the residence of his girlfriend, at (redacted by in Aliquippa. A subsequent interview with his girlfriend on 06/01/2016 confirmed Revis’s account. Revis’s phone number was identified as (redacted by

On 06/01/2016 at 1150hrs the investigative team located the vehicle operated by Gilliam in front of 1001 Irwin Street in the City of Aliquippa. The vehicle was removed, secured and processed by Trooper Majoka of the Pennsylvania State Police R and I Unit on 06/03/2016. As a result, several latent prints were obtained and subsequently submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab for identification.

These latent prints were subsequently identified as John Abmayer and Brandon Revis.

On 06/01/2016 at 1515hrs, a post mortem examination was conducted at Heritage Valley of Beaver Morgue by Dr. Todd Luckasevic, at which time it was determined that Gilliam died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the head. The wound is described as traveling back to front, right to left, at an upward angle. A mutilated metal jacketed bullet was recovered from the remains of Gilliam. A subsequent forensic examination of the bullet and the recovered shell casing was examined by the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab and concluded that the bullet was of the .40 caliber/10mm class discharged from a firearm having polygonal rifiling, with a right twist, with both being consisted with a firearm manufactured by Glock.

On 06/04/2016 at 0821hrs Kayla Stevenson contacted the investigative team and advised that Gilliam had provided a handgun, namely a Glock 22 or 23, .40 caliber handgun to Brandon Revis several weeks prior to the homicide.

On 06/06/2016 the investigative team interviewed Dan Costo who advised that on 05/09/2016 he was asked to meet Brandon Revis who indicated to Costo that they needed to talk. Revis stated to Costo that he believed that Gilliam was cooperating with law enforcement against the interest of Revis. Costo also states that he observed Revis carrying a black handgun. When Costo asked about the firearm, Revis stated that it was a .40.

During the course of the investigation it was discovered that Sjavante Gilliam was suspected to be involved in several bank robberies which occurred in the City of Aliquippa from October 2015 till November of 2015. As a result, a search warrant was executed at the residence of Gilliam on 12/01/2015. The search warrant yielded several times and included a bag containing items, namely clothes and a weapon believed to be utilized by the actors. The bag was noted to have a tag associating its ownership to Brandon Revis.

After receiving Call Detail Records from the prescribed carriers, Special Agent John Orlando of the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted CAST Analysis of the data provided, specifically the location information regarding (redacted by (T-mobile telephone number associated with Brandon Revis) and (redacted by (Verizon number associated with Sjavante Gilliam). Special Agent Orlando provided a conclusion that the handsets utilized by both Brandon Revis and Sjavante Gilliam were in the vicinity of each other during the time of the homicide and furthermore refused any alibi provided by Revis as being with his girlfriend during the time of the homicide.

On 07/02/2022 the investigative team met with a cooperating witness / confidential informant, who advised that Brandon Revis had told him/her day(s) after the homicide, that he had shot Sjavante Gilliam, took $1500 in US currency from his person and fled the scene. A subsequent search of Brandon Revis’s Criminal History yielded him as being a person prohibited from possessing firearms.

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